About 3D Printing

You can try out free programs like sketchup, blender, freecad, etc to make your own designs and then have them printed by us.

General Questions

Yes you can. We offer the option to receive the print in its raw form with rafts and support structures.

Colours & Materials

We offer 2 different kinds of printing resolution for Fused Filament Printers 0.20mm (Standard) and 0.30mm(Coarse). For any other resolutions please specify in the email.

Ordering a 3D Print

Depending on orders we would need at least a 3-4 day lead in time after receiving your file and payment.


We do not have a minimum order but if on the software it shows 0g then we will charge 1g worth of material for your print.


Yes we do but shipping would be borne by the client, we will get quotes from a range of shipping companies, traditional post, UPS, DHL or FEDex and then let you decide which to send by.


The minimum wall thickness/ details have to be 1mm and above. Please note that parts that are having small details which are hanging or protruding out of your models might break easily when removing the support structure.